Maria Baydar

Maria Baydar is a coach, trainer, motivational speaker, writer, dream life and mental wellbeing strategist and self-development coach with 11 years of practical experience.

Maria has created Estonia’s most popular therapy centre, the Consciousness Therapy Centre, in Tallinn and developed an international wellbeing retreat centre near Haapsalu.

She has guided thousands of people in Estonia and abroad, helping them to unlock their true potential, passion for living and awareness.

Her mission has been and will continue to be to help create clarity, courage, passion, motivation, self-awareness in people and society. Maria wants to help people make the most of their life experience and teach them how to create more joy, balance, happiness and value in their lives.

Workshop: “Healing the inner family”

In adulthood, we are always looking for a substitute for what we lack in childhood. Healing the inner family is a beautiful, heartfelt practice that builds a strong connection between self and participants. Participants can experience everything they have always longed for. Intimacy, acknowledgment, praise, admiration, hugs, maybe a childhood missed trick, playfulness, the experience of winning, etc.

We learn to know our inner man, woman and child. How and what have they become? What are their needs and pains? What messages and advice do they give? How can these inner roles be healed and thereby bring more love and joy into the special aspects of our lives?

The workshop will be deeply practical. 15-20 minutes of theory and straight into practice.