Marko Murulauk

Marko Murulauk started exploring his inner self and self-development about 12 years ago. He has been discovering and experiencing both his own light and shadow sides through various practices, hobbies and courses.

Yoga, shibari, martial arts, tantra, dance, training and band making have played an important part in this journey. A programmer by profession, he is also a certified chi-shiatsu natural therapist.

Her first exposure to shibari was over three years ago and was particularly fascinated by its therapeutic effects when initially connected, revealing layers that had not yet been discovered through other practices. As a binder, she is fascinated by the presence, emotion, responsibility, precision and detail in the process. In his sessions he weaves all his personal bodily experiences and multi-faceted knowledge of what he has learned.

Together with Reeli, Marko also runs the Köieparadiis, where monthly shibari practice evenings and courses take place.



Surrender is not surrender but trust and acceptance, a deeper place where transformation can take...