A sound journey

Sound therapy is the healing of the body through vibratory frequencies and vibrations produced by various instruments and overtones. It is one of the most powerful tools for transforming and transmuting energy, grounding and releasing energies that no longer serve.

Experiencing sound in this way gives you the opportunity to transform and experience new states of consciousness, which in turn open doors to the deeper layers of your inner world.

The Sound Journey is not just a listening to sounds, but a journey into the inner self, where the vibrations of sound have the power to influence your consciousness and emotional balance. It is a moment where you can let go of your thoughts and rediscover a deeper connection with yourself.

Artjom creates soundscapes using crystal sound boxes, his own voice, looper, didgeridoo and other instruments.

✨ Benefits of the SOUND JOURNEY ✨

💎 Sound waves, permeate the body, stimulate red blood cell production in the body and open blood supply to organs throughout the body.

💎 Since our body is 70-80% water, sounds are ideal vibration conductors, carrying these frequencies to all parts of the body.

💎 The sounds of the crystal bowl massage tissues and organs, balancing the central nervous system.

💎 Therapeutic meditative sounds balance the left and right brain hemispheres.

💎 Create an alkaline environment in the body

💎 Support kidney and liver function

💎 Sounds help the whole body to relax, unwind and heal by breaking through blockages in the body, including stuck emotions, tensions and thought patterns.



Artjom / Art I Am – is a conscious dance and meditation music DJ and music...