Artjom Kostjuk (Art I Am)

Artjom / Art I Am – is a conscious dance and meditation music DJ and music producer, sound therapist, energy healer. He also creates “string art” style art and graphic design. Artjom has been on the sound therapy journey for over 4 years and has conducted large and small group and individual sessions.

The music that Art I Am performs and produces is a very wide spectrum of downtempo, psybass, psychilli, ambient, tribal, meditative and everything that feeds the soul and reconnects the heart.

All music is created from the heart and with a intention to guide and bring us closer to our hearts and to connect us with our innate being.

In addition, Artjom will also offer MER massages at the festival. MER or connective tissue massage & bodywork opens doors to deeper levels in your body and energy fields. Through deep bodywork and breathing you can access those “hidden” places, stuck holding patterns, locked up, repressed emotions and release them from the body level.  In this experience, I also use sound therapy and energy healing where appropriate, creating a whole body – frequency experience. With the stretching of the connective tissue, the body begins to open, the emotions that are holding back begin to come out of the body. By releasing the suppressed emotions, space is created in the body and through the opening of space, energy is created in the body.

If we don’t take care of our own physical well-being, eventually other areas of life will suffer. Body memory carries a lot of information. Often behind tension and aches and pains are a large number of repressed emotions that have been stored over time in the connective tissues, keeping the body subconsciously tense and alert. But when we begin to release these hidden emotions at the body level, significant and even transformative changes in our lives occur.

MER massage brings clarity, peace, balance, expansion and presence.


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