Sacred Feminine Energy Workshop

In this workshop, we will do in the powerful Women’s Shared Field, practices that bring into the body and activate the feminine energy. We will connect with our Feminine Space and cleanse and activate Her. Relax into our sensual Body Temples and activate healing pleasure. Balancing within ourselves the Feminine and Masculine Principle and activating within ourselves the Divine and Sacred Feminine Energy. We will journey into the depths of ourselves and the vastness of the cosmos for wisdom and direction through guided meditation.

Come with all your doubts, dreams, joys, sorrows, victories and losses. Come bright and shining or humble and quiet. You don’t have to be anything, but you can be anything. You will be accepted just as wonderful and lovely as you are in this sacred moment. Really.


Devi Loreena is Devi Yogini School and Devi Reiki Studio creator and Reiki and yoga...