Breathing Journey

Liberating breathing is a practice that is completely ignored the first time. It may seem impossible that such a state can be achieved through breathing, but fortunately it is! The processes that occur during deep breathing and the simultaneous sound journey are unexpected at first. We experience a release of emotions, a silence of thoughts, a changed state of consciousness and a contact with our true nature. Sometimes the process can be so profound that we release traumas and negative beliefs that have kept us in discomfort for so long.

Very often, people are also freed from physical pain, as breathing releases energetic, physical and emotional tensions from the body. As a result, muscle tension is also released and often after one session people are free from lower back, hip or knee pain. As breathing brings our brainwaves up to five times lower, or the frequency of the theta brainwaves, the journey puts us in touch with our subconscious and allows us to rework our own experiences.

During breathing, the production of stress hormones in the body stops, and the body starts producing happy hormones. After breathing, we generally experience a state of complete bliss and peace. This is a well-known form of therapy all over the world, but it is only just gaining momentum in Estonia.


Juhan is a 28 year old young man who specialises in facilitating liberating breathing group...