Co-Devotional Relating- Learning the language of love and intimacy

Drop into the body. Remember your heart. Express who you really are.

The transformative journey of love I’ve undertaken with Rachel transcends the typical bounds of romance—it is an intimate exploration into the realms of Tantric Co-Devotional Communion with the desire to explore and experience Conscious Loving.

This approach to our relationship has fundamentally shifted my perspective and sense of identity, leading us to uncover a profound depth of honesty, full expression, and commitment within ourselves – to the discipline of worship, that I’d never thought possible in these earthly realms.

Tantra, commonly misunderstood as purely sexual, is fundamentally a path of spiritual awakening. It embraces every aspect of life, including our relationship. It invites us to experience love consciously, wholly, with an open mind and without resistance.

This spiritual undertaking with Rachel has allowed us to foster a deep, intimate bond that extends beyond the physical, delving into the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

Central to our Tantric journey is the practice of co-devotional communication. This form of dialogue is more than just an exchange of words; it’s about fully immersing oneself in the emotional landscape of the other, fostering a deep sense of understanding, trust, safety and empathy.

Co-Devotional Communication involves sharing your thoughts and feelings openly, while also allowing space for your partner’s experiences. Co-Devotional Communication is a two-way street; it requires active listening as much as honest and compassionate expression, fostering empathy, safety, trust and understanding.