Date night for couples

Experience a deeper connection in your relationship! We invite you to participate in our wonderful couples workshop where we focus on physical intimacy, coming into presence for each other and understanding each other.

Are you interested in paying attention to your partner and creating a stronger connection? Our workshop will provide you with practical skills and insights to help you be more present in the relationship and keep your partner’s attention conscious.

Negative emotions separate couples, while positive experiences create a stronger sense of unity.  As the couples’ evening is very practical, you will be able to experience positive moments with your partner and take what you have practised into your daily life.

What do you want to create in a couple? The aim of our workshop is to bring more depth and harmony into the connection. We will focus on communicating with each other, and understanding each other through listening and sensing, in order to create intimacy through simple exercises.

By joining this workshop, you will discover new ways to create and strengthen the connection in your relationship, so that you can go through difficult places together more easily.