Find the love of your life either internally or externally through collaboration with your inner family

Deep Transpersonal Healing and Rebooting with New Age Tantric Elements. This game room is a very good and soft introduction, even for those who do not know much about tantra yet. The whole playroom is done with clothes.

Since this year’s festival theme is the connection with oneself, others, and the universe, this playroom fits the program very well. It also deeply touches on the themes of male and female polarities through which it is only possible to create new very powerfully.

You have the opportunity to hear the personal story of Crystal Ra, how she traveled to 30 countries and searched for her Mr. Right for 14 years. But only when she had worked with the archetypes of the inner family for almost 10 years, healed them inside, and restarted them in a new way, was it possible to let go of this obsession.

Just two months later, a miracle happened in a small fishing village in Mexico, where her true King – and not only that but also her Twin Spirit Michael from the USA – arrived on a big white sailboat. How the first year was a year of reckoning for both of them individually, with a focus on cleaning up their past and giving better ideas on how to start a new chapter. Step by step, they moved forward together, and in 2017 they got married in Hawaii, the big island where they also lived together for a few years. Then they moved to San Diego for a couple of years and then to Texas, and soon new adventures are awaiting in Florida.

When this happened, Crystal Ra’s clients started knocking on her door and asking how they too could meet the partner of their dreams or change their lives and relationships. The pilot project developed into a 4-month inner family archetype coaching program that has helped to change people’s lives on a very deep level from that moment on with sexuality, relationships with oneself and others, health, life mission, and holistic abundance.

During this playroom, you will have the opportunity to hear an inspiring story and experience your personal inner child, your inner woman, and your inner man. Over the years, Crystal Ra has also developed very nice body, mind, and spirit activating exercises related to archetypes – which help us reconnect with our inner archetypes in a new and deeper way. After that, you may feel like you have new eyes, new ears, and new abilities to experience and notice everything inside and outside of you.

You can expect everything from here – butterflies in your stomach, laughter and crying, a deep feeling of being held, and maybe even a little caress from unconditional love.

By getting to know each other for the first time, you have started a new kind of connection that has the potential to help you to start creating a real fairy tale in your life, which you could not even dream of before.

Do you want a new partner? No problem!
Do you want a new job? No problem!
Do you want better health? No problem!
Do you want deeper sexuality? No problem!
Do you want better relationships? No problem!
Do you want more abundance? No problem!

Who would have thought that such powerful super beings and heroes live inside us, who are ready to support us and our creation at any moment and create with us?

The lives of Crystal Ra and her clients are a true example of what is possible!

The whole process takes place with the support of the energies of the new age and taking into account the dynamics and needs of the entire group present. The game room is open to both men and women of all ages. Come in comfortable clothes and with an open mind and spirit.