Freedom from generational chains

1,5-2 hour immersion into generational patterns, passed down ancestral trauma and passed down blocks that still play a negative part in our lives today. During this time we smoothly transition from one exercise to another working eyes open, eyes closed, alone, in pairs and in small groups as well as connecting the whole audience. There is flowing movement and each participant gets to truly mirror these themes as they grow up in their lives. There are powerful emotions present, ancestral healing present and huge liberation as a potential carrying us through this liberating workshop. By letting go of the hurt, pain and by forgiving, room for true connection is created. The aim is to really safely uncover, meet and let go of generational chains to create space for true freedom, allow space for deeper connection to ourselves and a healthier connection to our loved ones. Only by letting go we can make space for true healing and freedom, where we can meet ourselves and others from a deeper place of connection.


Elina Jaatinen is an emotional healing therapist, emotional alchemist, workshop leader, author and The Journey...