How To Play a Woman As a Piano?

The New Era Tantric deep body, mind, and spiritual practice for women and men. It helps to get in touch better with oneself, others, and the Universe and activates powerfully male and feminine polarities.

The woman is one of the greatest mysteries of time. A lot of creation starts from her. When a woman is out of tune, nothing good comes out of it, and you can only dream of a symphony.

What to know in order to play a woman as a piano? How to help a woman to sound? What would happen when all of the women in the world would be “in tune” at once and could create symphonies together? What would happen to men and the world then? What can men do that would make it happen?

This practice includes very conscious body, mind, and spirit processes that give both women and men a deep feeling of presence, raise trust in oneself and others, fulfill innerly, raise the hormones of happiness, and make you feel very special.

It is a New Era Event during which there is the possibility to hear the theory and experiences, see a demo, and receive it as a woman. The approach is soft, connected with the heart energy, and very deep. When the participants are ready, we might include nudity during some practices to receive the full experience. Nudity is optional. The event doesn’t include sexual intercourse and is arranged in a very concrete container of agreements and safety space. No taking photos or filming is allowed.

You are invited with your partner, or you can come with your friend, or by yourself. The work is done in pairs, so then you can find a partner on the spot.

Take two lungis (sarong) with you, water, and two bigger sauna towels.

Until a wonderful flow and expansion!