Kashmiri Tandava Tantra Massage

The workshop helps to lead to freedom based on awareness and to achieve emotional, physical and intellectual balance, which discards dogmas, fixed beliefs, dominating thoughts. It is an approach that allows us to be in harmony with the universe. It is an internal revolution.

Tandava is one of the most beautiful meditations of the oldest yogic and aesthetic Kashmiri Tantrism, created by the Yogis 6-8 thousand years ago. 

The Tandava dance is based on the idea that when one lets go of limitations – emotional, physical, mental, the body naturally becomes one with the universe.

Tandava is a non-dual practice and is also called the love dance of Shiva and Shakti, consciousness and energy. Tandava dance relaxes the body, calms the mind and emotions. 

Tandava dance prepares the body perfectly for all Tantric practices and Tandava massage.

In the Tandava Massage workshop we will create a sacred space of high frequency and practice looking with the eyes of unconditional love. In the workshop, sensual touches can be given and received in the presence. From the gaze of wonder, a sacred meditative dance and a sacred touch grows to “illuminate” the whole body. 

Tandava dance and massage is deeply healing and creates inner harmony, helping the body to release previously stored tensions and limitations. 

Tandava dance and massage leads to an experience of ecstatic solitude with infinite space (unlimited field of consciousness), its wholeness and spontaneity, leading you to liberation.


Satya Magdalena is a medicine woman, Tarot master, poetess, dancer, tantrika and yogini, a specialist...

Peep Õunapuu is a father of 4 children and a spiritual seeker, tantra practitioner, massage...