Shibari – One rope play

The workshop helps to lead to freedom based on awareness and to achieve emotional, physical and intellectual balance, which discards dogmas, fixed beliefs, dominating thoughts. It is an approach that allows us to be in harmony with the universe. It is an internal revolution.

In the workshop, you will learn to create a space where you can feel free and safe, discover the playful beauty of tantric ropes (Shibari) and the healing potential. Shibari is an ancient Japanese art of tying that helps you to wander the border of deep presence, beauty and pleasure. A prerequisite for the Shibari journey is a space held with the heart, free of judgments and expectations and especially safe, a loving presence in sight and touch, a willingness to expand and go through possible challenges. The Shibari receiver can experience the flow of love through the touch of tantric ropes. The workshop is held and conducted in the awareness of trauma, which helps to stay in the desired positive experience and to calm the nervous system if necessary.
In the workshop, you will get the necessary preliminary knowledge, see a demo and experience the wonderful game of shibari. We use the ancient yoginic tandana practice and magical gaze to create a high frequency sacred space. Tandava’s deep and original approach to sexuality requires union with integrity.

The workshop is ideal for beginners in the art of shibari tying. The workshop can also help the experienced shibari practitioner to a new level.


Peep Õunapuu is a father of 4 children and a spiritual seeker, tantra practitioner, massage...