OSHO Dynamic Meditation®

OSHO Dynamic Meditation®

OSHO Dynamic Meditation is called a revolution in consciousness. It’s a scientifically developed technique for today’s people, taking into account the evolution of the mind.

This meditation is a fast, intense and profound way to break the old, ingrained patterns in the body-mind that keep one imprisoned in the past, and experience the freedom, acceptance, stillness and peace that lie on the other side of those prison walls.

The first stage – In this method, a special way of breathing affects the part of the brain that allows us to get rid of cerebral control. Hence, emotions and instincts are unleashed.

The second stage – catharsis, works on the part of the brain, clearing blocked emotions and releasing old mental memories and traumas.

The third stage – Through jumping and using a special sound, you move the energy up to the highest point of your body and through this you achieve a deep sense of wholeness. You can achieve a state where you jump without any effort for fifteen minutes.

The fourth stage – stopping suddenly and being motionless, frozen – the whole system is already in deep unity and the energy moves freely throughout the body. You are no longer fragmented, your being is fluid. There you experience the self.

The fifth stage – Celebration!


Brenda Randroo Oja (Deva Lokita) is a meditation leader trainer and meditation teacher at the...