Tantra Date – Polarity

TantraDate is for open hearts to meet the authentic self and others on a deeper level.
The workshop allows people to expand, discover their unique nature and be truly free to be who they are. The workshop also helps to experience the feeling of unconditional love, unity and ecstasy within oneself and connection with others and the Universe more deeply and freely.

Together we create a safe and sacred space that is specially kept.

The opportunity to experience your true, open, radiant nature and connect with feelings that are out of reach on a daily basis.

By tuning into presence, the practices also touch everyone else more deeply.

Simple and playful tantra practices (breathing, voice and movement) help you relax into the present moment and increase the experience of presence.

The event helps to dissolve limiting patterns, to experience gratitude, ecstasy, closeness and unconditional love within and without.

In an expanded conscious presence, intuitions are clearer and you may find great friends or even more.

In the workshop, you can experience:
👉 feeling stronger, more alive, and more vibrant;
👉 expand the possibilities of finding a soulmate;
👉 you can discover a new and exciting world for yourself;
👉 get to know yourself better;
👉 experience human closeness and warmth with both men and women;
👉 inspiration to become more attractive to the opposite sex;
👉 feel and play with your limits and learn to say “No”.