Workshop: “How To Find the Partner and Create the Dream Relationship?”

Attraction, chemistry, sense of security, reliability, soul connection, or drama- what do we expect from a relationship? Whom are we looking for and how to find the one?

In the couple’s relationship, there are three options: to grow with pain through dysfunctional patterns, to flow with ease and joy towards a better self, or to be the light couple who has something valuable to give to the world.

In this workshop, we talk about our experience of manifesting the dream partner and becoming one, as well fundamentals of a conscious relationship. To finish this workshop, we do dancing meditation, which guides us to connect with ourselves, to be ready to create connections with others from inner balance.

We met in Wim Hof’s method training last autumn because we believe in the wonderfulness of relaxing and in the self-healing ability that everything exists within us. Since day one, we live together, and we are certain of the omnipotence of love, noticing gratitude, the beauty of conscious relationships, and the magic power of falling in love with one another every single day.

We spend 24/7 together; therefore, it feels like being together for years, not months. We enjoy connectedness, safely going through emotional and physical healings, developing, becoming an even deeper woman and man, inspiring one another, co-creating, and constantly allowing life to rise to a new level. We live the same clean, healthy, and conscious lifestyle and share common values, which are centered on health, love, and freedom of choice. We believe we can inspire You.