Yin yoga – my Heart, my Fire

Yin yoga is a practice of a slow/steady nature, with poses lasting from 2.5 minutes and an emphasis on relaxed musculature and a body driven to pause. This is especially the case when pleasant relaxation and maximum depth are achieved in a posture where there is no repetition-based dynamic movement.

Yin yoga uses about 20 yoga poses (asanas), with variations that at first may seem simple – the magic is in the attention to self, allowing oneself to relax and remain still in the pose, being a closed-gaze observer, here and now.
At the Festival, we will take the focus of the yoga session on summer as a season, fire an an element and the associated asanas in yin yoga and background knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine.

Yin yoga is suitable for all levels, being relaxing and suitable for all! When coming to the workshop, please wear comfortable clothes and possibly something to put on later (long sleeves, socks, planket) as it is possible that your body will cool down.