Zen course “Who Is In”

Inspired by the Soto Zen tradition, this powerful awakening process is designed to focus all energy on finding yourself.

Traditional Zen techniques are combined with modern practices to get the best of both worlds. The method is simple and very direct.

We work with koan* “Who Is In?” It helps to go beyond the masks and beliefs of what we think we are, the pretenses and habitual limitations. Facilitates a connection with our truth, giving a greater sense of awareness. You will discover aspects of yourself you were not aware of before and experience yourself in a whole new way, fresh, authentic, on the other side of ideas and past experiences. This brings you deep relaxation and the joy of being in the moment.

You will also experience how to communicate authentically and listen to others without judgement.

This process is very useful for anyone who has a passion for the real, who is interested in getting to know themselves more deeply, whether this is your first experience of self-discovery or you have been on this journey for a long time. You may gain clarity about how to move forward in life and it will strengthen your connection to your omnipresent centre.

*Koan means a question that cannot be answered – at least not by a rational mind.


After studying Psychology and Philosophy at UCC-Cork and FH Frankfurt, I became aware of the...