Amaryllis is an educator and therapist whose life took a huge turn several years ago, brought on by her children. “After the birth of my first child, there was such a big change in my aura body that my pineal body suddenly opened up and I started to see the etheric worlds. Since then, I have been dealing with everything that concerns the visible and the invisible, because one is connected to the other. My development journey has indeed begun a new of the children of the age, but in recent years I have turned my attention to the special consciousnesses in our midst.They have incarnated as simple people in our midst.

Today, my desire is to deal with therapeutic meditations and methods of how to rise to the heights in the human being and soul, releasing the limitations in oneself.

My workshops are suitable for those who want to rise up and bring about change in their own lives.

I like to say about my workshops that they are of a practical spiritual nature. One must first look at the root causes of things in order to then create the necessary change. Welcome to my workshop!”


A practical workshop to discover, change and release the deep patterns within yourself. The workshop...