Gerly Sepp

Gerly has been a deep practitioner of metaphysics for 3 decades, she has studied psychology and journey method, biodynamic breathing and practices of opening one’s being through the voice, she has experienced life-changing and literally enlightening ego liberating retreats and more. By today, she has been practising individual work for almost 10 years with both children and adults, most of whom have had their lives turned around in tremendous positive ways – healing relationships that had been broken for decades and even decades, and many transformative body-level healings in the course of a session. In addition, Gerly, together with Tiit Trofimov, has been organising a variety of profoundly life-changing retreats for groups in Estonia and around the world for the past 6 years and has co-created many events. Gerly creates highly nurturing and healing spaces for a variety of groups, but in her everyday life she has chosen to live a peaceful idyllic life surrounded by nature, for a heart space to expand.




A deep introspection and meditative reflection on the nature of the self, in order to...