Ma Deva Veena

Tantrika and business manager with a master’s degree. I have been an entrepreneur and since 2010 I have been studying and actively engaged in spiritual practices, including yoga, tantra. Among my teachers are, among others, Somananda and Ma Ananda Sarita, under whose guidance I completed more than 500 hours of practical training for couples “Soul Mate”. In addition, I am a Reiki master (Mercar, Olga Potjomkina), tantric massage therapist (Somananda), Tachyon healer (Pain treatment and pain Body Release), practitioner of Color Light Therapy (based on the Peter Mandel method Colorpuncture and further developed by Ma Ananda Sarita) in addition to other skills and practices I use on a daily basis. In 2018, I became an Osho sannyas, hence my sannyas name – Ma Deva Veena. My initiation into this path was done by Ma Ananda Sarita at Dharamashala’s Osho Nisarga Center, just as Osho started it in his time, and it is definitely one of the highlights of my life.


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