Muteki TAIKO

Muteki Taiko group has grown out of Muteki TAIKO Drum School (founded in 2021), created and instructed by Hele-Riin Uib-Pachel. Hele-Riin has been studying taiko drums since 2009 and has continued her education under various masters. The ensemble’s mission is to bring the traditions and energy of Japanese drumming to Estonian audiences and to promote intercultural understanding and cooperation. Currently, the group consists of about fifteen members, all of whom share a passion for taiko drumming and Japanese culture. Each member of the group brings a unique set of experience and skills to the ensemble, enriching the overall sound and performance style of the group.

Members of Mutek’s TAIKO group will perform at the Connection Festival:Tiina Sai
Regina Tursman
Anne-Lii Molis
Liis Peterson
Ireen Mitmann
Külli Ruus
Merike Ots
Külli Aas
Annel-Ly Kutsar

The Muteki Taiko group performs both traditional and modern styles of taiko drumming. The ensemble mainly uses taiko drums of different sizes and sounds, but occasionally adds other traditional Japanese instruments such as shamisen and shakuhachi. The ensemble’s music differs from traditional taiko due to modern arrangements and original compositions that combine traditional rhythms with modern musical elements.

The Muteki TAIKO Drum School offers regular workshops and master classes for both children and adults to teach the playing of the taiko drums and introduce Japanese culture. Muteki Taiko Drum School is actively involved in local community activities, offering concerts and workshops in schools and youth centres to enrich school cultural programmes and inspire young music lovers.