Reeli Hakman

Reeli Hakman is an ordinary, curious woman who enjoys constant action and learning new skills, and whose life underwent a major transformation 9 years ago after her first encounter with tantra. Along with her regular yoga practice, there was a rapid plunge into a path of self-development that unexpectedly brought shibari into her life the very next year. It was love at first sight, and in the years that followed, the passion for discovering all the facets of ropes and their use grew and grew. He participated in many different workshops in Estonia and abroad and also practised on his own, some years more actively, some a little less.

Today, this passion has led her to meet Marko Murulaugu, with whom she has created the first public shibari community in Estonia: Köieparadiis. Their mission is to bring a subject that many people might consider dubious into the light of day and to offer everyone who wants to learn more about shibari a place where they can get to know it and practise it regularly.

Every new person who shares their excitement and the disappearance of their uncertainties/preconceptions after their first contact with shibar, fills Reel’s heart with gratitude and joy, because she knows what a great and powerful journey this can be the beginning of.



Surrender is not surrender but trust and acceptance, a deeper place where transformation can take...