Tiit Trofimov

I have learned and practiced different Osho meditations throughout my life and also have experienced meditations at Osho International Meditation Center in Pune. In my journey, I have participated in numerous self-development and meditation courses, and I practice yoga and meditation daily. Last ten years, I have been engaged in the conscious self-development field. Like most of us, who have started this journey once, it started for me also after getting into difficulties. For today, I enjoy each day. My greatest passion is working with human emotions, releasing, observing, and noticing them through consciousness. 

Troffhimoff Method

We do rebirthing, but with pauses. In the beginning, the breaths are shorter and the pauses are longer. Later, according to how people’s bodies start to open in the group, we start to make the breathing longer and make the pauses longer, so that you can fully feel the power of presence, relaxation and self-awareness. In the course of this breathing, very often, very strongly suppressed and held emotions in the body are released.