Virge Kuivjõgi

In 2010, I got acquainted with tantra and since 2012 my tantra studies became regular and led to organising tantra events in Estonia. In 2018, I completed Lin Holmquist’s tantra therapist training and Deva Vihba’s Sacred Tantra Dance teacher training. I have been teaching breathing courses for 15 years.

I started creating and teaching Tantric courses 6 years ago. Currently, I regularly teach “Tantric Breath Practices”, “Tantra Practices” and women-only “Transformative Sacred Tantra Dance” courses in Tallinn and Tartu.

Again and again I wish to create, experience and maintain groups and gatherings in this way. Because as touching as people meet themselves … pain and joy, power and weakness, hate and love, and returning from practice sessions with more clarity, wholeness and vitality. It’s a special honour to be the caretaker of such spaces and to energetically journey with the openings, healings and realisations.



A relaxing tantra workshop where we learn to be seen and create meaningful communication. Conscious...