Virge Kuivjõgi

I studied to become a breath therapist on a three-year course at the Source Process and Breathwork and for two years at Inspiraktiva Breathing Therapist School. At the Univesity of Tartu, I studied public relations. I have led breathing courses for 14 years. Also, organizing trips to India to combine breathing practices with cultural experiences.

My first contact point with tantra was in 2010, and since 2012 I have had it as a regular practice, which also led me to organize tantra events in Estonia. In 2018 I graduated from Lin Holmquist’s tantra therapists course and passed Deva Vihba Holy Tantra Dance teacher training.

Creating, leading, and holding spaces in tantric courses have been a natural next step after my two past journeys. Right now, I offer regular events “Tantric Breathing Practices,” “Tantric Practices,” and only for women “Transformative Holy tantra Dance” courses in Tallinn and Tartu.

Again and again, I wish to gather, experience, create and hold these group events. It is absolutely touching when people meet themselves… with their pain and joy, power and weakness, hate and love, and once they turn back from those sessions, they have more clarity, wholeness, and life power. What an honor to be space holder for these kinds of spaces and travel energetically together in these developments, healings and realizations.