Awakening the Inner Source

Awakening the Inner Source meditation opens up the source of love and power in our body and clears us of repressed feelings, energies and emotions. So it’s a wonderful practice to start the morning.

During the practice, we work with suppressed energies in the first and second chakras – suppressed feelings, unexperienced emotions, fears, unexpressed anger, and frozen pain accumulate there. All these locks and frozen energy in our body stops the flow of power and creativity in the body and keeps us stuck in a state of isolation and drama.

We light a fire in our lower abdomen and then direct it to move upward, activating each chakra. We open the source of our life force in the sexual center and then channel this energy into the upper chakras.

This practice is the basis for revitalizing the body and senses, getting out of the lack of energy, fatigue, and victim programs, getting rid of blocks and prohibitions in relation to sexuality, and directing your forces to move vertically.

This is the first step to entering a fulfilled state and awakening your creativity. In order to feel truly alive, hot, full of energy, enjoying and orgasmic, who you were born to be.

Meditation is active, we do it lying down, raising our hips, and breathing into our hips. We release tension from the hips and the whole body. Meditation is supported by pleasant music, and it is only your inner journey – that is, we do it individually, with our eyes closed.

What to bring and know before coming to meditation?
Come with an empty stomach as much as possible.
If possible, bring a sheepskin to lie on.
Meditation is active and deeply cleansing.
Meditation is not suitable for pregnant women.


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