Arja Isabell (MLT)

Arja, a medicine woman and dakini who walks the path of remembrance. Her life’s work is dedicated to empowering individuals in anchoring a frequency of love, and building a reality rooted in loving-kindness, compassion, and truth. With the sacred medicines of the plant and animal kingdom, as well as the precious gift of loving touch, she creates safe spaces that lay a fertile ground for transformative experiences.

Known for her compassionate and gentle presence, Arja brings her depth and intuition to her work, supporting individuals on their journey of awakening to a deeper truth within themselves. Her passion, devotion, and commitment to helping others are some of her main gifts, which she weaves with accountability and integrity.

Arja’s extensive training over the past years, includes the study of the sacred temple arts, tantric bodywork, shamanism, meditation and embodiment practices, feminine wisdom teachings and womb work.



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