Carolin Ligi

I’m a guide and support to those who want to live in a more loving relationship with their bodies. For that I hold space to bodies through body journeys that is a physical, dynamical practice, including yin and yang yoga exercises, rebirthing and respective exercises that help us to connect more deeply with our body and feelings.

I organize body listening days and other events that unlock the body wisdom. The events are meant for both men and women – to all who have bodies. It seems important to me to wonder why we have been given this exact body with its potentials and challenges. By being in connection with the body, we have the possibility to really experience the reality in the now – to feel and to live.

I believe that our body is our compass, first friend and a home for the soul. Body talks to us and it is important to listen and have understanding of it. All close relationships, firstly the relationship with the body, can be fulfilled with love, understanding and growing together in the growth spots and challenges. For that often we don’t need anything else but willingness to understand, to respect and to open up for connection.

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In this workshop, I invite you to observe and discover your relationship with your body....

A workshop in a women’s tent held with ceremonial cocoa. In this workshop we will...