Kristiina Viires

Kristiina Viires started her self-exploring chapter early youth years when discovered her mother’s bookshelf evoking her interest in ancient Indian culture and which opened doors to the yoga and the tantra world. Kristiina studied Hatha Yoga and Tantra at Agama Yoga School in Thailand from 2010-2018 and has been a certified yoga Hatha Yoga teacher since 2011.

A wish for a better understanding of women through their life cycle and in interest studying different ways to hold female power has led Kristiina to different courses over the past years.

Her first contact with Womb Yoga teaching was in 2017, which opened up a whole new world. Since 2012 Kristiina is a student
of the founder of the Womb Yoga Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. Passionate interest in self-development, conscious sexuality, yoga, and holistic lifestyle has led her to explore different places in the world to travel, search, study, and experience, which in return has given different wonderful teachers, and gifted opportunities to gather inspiration and knowledge to support to live a genuine and fulfilling life. Kristiina sees yoga and tantra as lifelong teaching by bearing in mind everyday practices whit the purpose of integrating all these teachings and methods deeper into daily life.

Daily, Kristiina is giving yoga classes and organizes self-development courses for adults by sharing the knowledge with joy, which has supported her a lot.

Additional information about Kristiina’s sessions from Facebook „Kristiina Viires Yoga“ and „Womb Yoga with Kristiina“ home page.