Mariann Satya Yukti

Mariann Satya Yukti is a human being, and a woman, spiritual seeker, who’s life and inner searchings have brought her to what she is doing today. Mariann is a hypnotist, transpersonal therapist, writer, poet, translator, yogini and tantrika. Mariann organizes training and workshops on different spiritual and psychological topics, including women courses, tantra workshops and rituals, and dance journeys. Mariann has two academic master’s degrees and has passed through numerous courses on self-development, psychology, mindfulness and tantra. She also learns and practices yoga and is on the 7th level of Agama yoga (tantric hatha yoga) currently. 

In her poetry and writings, Mariann talks about love and life, opening up the depth and essence of experienced things, experiences, and phenomena. 

She conveys it in poetry concerts, hypnotic journeys, and tantric rituals, giving You a possibility to get in touch with your feelings and truth, with your sensuality and heart.